Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blast from the past. FT 148 July 2001

Here’s an old FT cover from the ‘archive’ (the huge stack of magazines in my cupboard that threatens to punch a hole in the floor and which represents about 15 years of illustration work)

Watching the new series of ‘The Hour’ last night prompted me to dig out this cover and is the perfect excuse to show FT cover girl Romola Garai before she was a famous actress. 

The Art direction is by Etienne (who else?) and the photography by Alex Howe - who told me at the time she was obviously going to be a megastar someday.  My rubbish contribution was the shockingly badly modelled F86 Sabre flypast and sunset backdrop. This was in the early days before Cinema 4D and I had to use an odd assortment of apps to model and render everything in an excessively convoluted way – with some glaring limitations, obviously.   

Clearly this cover was the whole inspiration for the hour* and I reckon the BBC probably owe us all millions in royalties :)

*Okay maybe not.

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