Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fortean Times issue 287 cover

Just arrived in the post, Fortean Times issue 287 – Titanic Premonitions. Etienne’s original cover idea was the image on the right (which appears as a full page inside). I suspect (but cannot prove) that the head may in fact belong to Etienne himself (photo by David Newton). I was asked to do a quick 3D model/render of the Titanic sinking for use inside the head. It was supposed to appear quite small and be all swirly/premonition-y around the edges so didn’t need to be too detailed or fussy with people etc.

However the Great Old Ones decreed (from The Tower of Solitude) that the merest glimpse of the outline of Etienne’s head did offend their eyes greatly and might scare people off before they’d had a chance to part with their cash. So the head idea was dropped and suddenly my little Titanic 3D scene was promoted. However circumstances conspired to prevent me doing any more (possible Titanic curse?) as I promptly came down with a disgusting lurgy-bug-thing that wiped me out for a fortnight.
Luckily Etienne managed to save the day by clever addition of the newspaper montage which nicely echoes the form of the iceberg and also gives the image that Pathé News feel.  If I’d known that it was going to end up being used so prominently I’d have run over the whole thing with a wet (digitally speaking) brush to soften up some of that CGI-ness and added some people (although at this scale they’d only be a couple of pixels per person and would have been a bit of a faff on).
The scary thing about doing this illo was the realisation during rigging and texturing the model (which is a royalty free one I bought as I didn't have time to make one from scratch) of how few lifeboats there actually were on the Titanic (only 20 – enough for only half the passengers and crew).

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