Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fortean Times issue 285 cover

Brief update – the first in over a year. So what?! Read the disclaimer, I don’t have to tell you nuffink, see! Besides, I've been far too busy doing secret stuff and wittering away on Twitter to bother with updates. Most of the stuff I've been working on I can't disclose yet (if ever) so there didn't seem much point.

That there, up there, is my most recent cover illo for Fortean Times issue 285 – March, so technically still relevant despite being in the shops for nearly a month. It’s always nice to be able to paint the end of the world, even more so when you get to show the destruction of the errant colonials.  As you will know in all disaster films it doesn’t count unless it happens to Americans, so I was happy to oblige. I got to go all John Martin on them, did feel a bit sorry tho for Canada copping a lot of the collateral damage - soz, but it is the end of the world.
Unusually for me, I am totally okay with the massive 2012 right across everything - that was always going to happen, and the composition actually looks a bit lost without it.  Slightly confused by the odd smudge which seems to have materialised mid Atlantic, above the 1, obviously some sort of Fortean Phenomena as the paint is digital.

In other news, the Lindworm cover I did for FT 264 has been selected for the Association of Illustrators Images 36 exhibition/bookthing, which is nice.

I’m currently working on yet another pitch poster for Cannes 2012, but not sure when/if I’ll be able to show it here. Never forget, the first rule of pitch posters…

Also I’ve been asked to work on a children’s book/tv pitch project but can’t say any more about that yet (haven’t done anything worth mentioning yet anyway).

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