Friday, 24 September 2010

How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired?

Don’t ask me – ask the AOI’s own Fig Taylor. She’s just brought out a new book which tells you exactly how to do all of the above. It is a thing of beauty and full of good info, there’s a particularly good bit on page 65 which has lots of my FLICK stuff on it.

I am slightly worried that there is such an obvious need for this book - degree courses ought to be teaching this stuff. If the illustration forums over at the AOI and other places are anything to go by then it would appear that colleges are churning out illustration students who don’t know the basics about the professional side of being an illustrator. This means the market is flooded with people who are so clueless they accept jobs for peanuts and bring down the rates for the entire industry. If there is an illustrator in your life, then please buy this book for them (they’ll probably be skint).

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