Friday, 10 September 2010

FT 267 cover out now: The Magical Battle of Britain

Here's the latest FT cover, which subscribers seem to be getting today so I guess it's ok to reveal now. The cover feature is about a group of British witches that apparently got together and decided to stop the Blitz and turn back the Nazi invasion by giving Hitler and Co the willies. Sounds very 'Dad's Army' to me which is probably why it was so much fun to illustrate. Another of those covers that had to be submitted in layers because the final cover layout was fluid - and sure enough got changed at the last minute when the strip along the top was added thus pushing everything else down a couple of inches. The knock-on effect means that several elements had to be dropped from the composition in order to fit everything in. These things happen, besides you can see the original as a full page inside (or below if you can't wait). I was more annoyed when my brother pointed out that my painting of Hermann Goering looks a lot like Gazza, I can't see it myself - there's not a single roast chicken or fishing rod anywhere in the pic.


Ali said...

I know Goering, but who is Gazza?

Alex T said...

Gazza = Paul Gascoigne, Geordie Ex footballer for Newcastle and England, famous for crying at the World Cup.