Thursday, 17 June 2010

FT 264 Lindworm cover - out now.

I've just got time to quickly post this, the latest cover for FT 264, The Lindworm - which subscribers are starting to receive today. This was about as much fun as illustration gets, Sea Serpents vs Vikings - how can you not have fun doing that?

Really busy on another magazine cover for which the deadline is my birthday so I'll have to get it sorted well beforehand otherwise my plans for spending the day in the garden with a bucket of Pimms will evaporate and the post brithday sulk will start early again this year.


cassia said...

Nice work, Mr T. I think the caption should be, 'Oh lummy!'

Excellent to have you back in blogland, btw.

Alex T said...

Cheers Cass, nice to be able to post an update for a change. There seems to be more and more film stuff these days that I am not allowed to show anyone yet (if ever).