Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Latest Magazine Cover - FT 258 Out Now.

Have a head full of cold so I'm taking a few days off as I actually forgot to breathe through my mouth this morning and nearly suffocated - that's how spaced out I am right now.
Haven't posted anything for a while so here is my latest Fortean Times cover which was completed a couple of days before Xmas and is just appearing on shelves now. Yet again my father modelled for the 'evil' hands of the Illuminati - I don't know if it's down to my rubbish painting or the varnished cover but his hands look more waxy and less realistic than the doll's. I was having a lot of problems with monitor calibration during the painting of this so maybe that's it or maybe Etienne airbrushed them a bit - dunno.
I also had a very nice email from a fan this morning and as a consequence of which my old Jebus illo is now available to buy as prints from Imagekind.

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