Friday, 6 November 2009

Straight to DVD....Do not pass go. Do not collect £££'s

So the DVD is out, a year after the Premier at Raindance and despite screening at just about every film festival in the world and picking up some big name fans like Tarantino and John Landis it never did get a proper release. I assume this is down to the fact that the distributors blew their wad on promoting Lesbian Vampire killers - serves em right. Because it didn't get even a limited art house release none of us get the deferred part of our payments so everyone is skint and back at the drawing board.
Apparently John Landis saw the film on the strength of the poster and now has a copy in his B-Movie poster collection - if true then this represents the best compliment I'm ever going to get.
The DVD has actually been out for a few weeks now but I've just been too annoyed/depressed/busy to post this until now. I had to buy my own copy from Amazon (Grrr) and if you are keen to help me earn literally pence in royalties then hurry on over there - while stocks last (seriously they only had one left in stock this morning).
As you can see from the above photo:
My monitors obviously need calibrating
My office looks super clean thanks to Canon Lenses.
I now have fat hands!
Whoever added the review quotes to the cover is being a bit economical. The full quote from reads, 'The requisite gore is no match for Braindead but there’s enough style and aplomb to give this the makings of a minor cult classic and a suitable addition to the rotting canon.' While the 'superb' quote actually reads, 'Liz Smith is expectedly superb as Johnny's senile mother, providing some perfectly timed laughs, and Dunaway is an other worldly presence, managing to make the most of a largely clichéd role.'
Fortean Times have also just posted their own review here. I can't really argue with it, having just seen the film myself for the first time I reckon 2 stars is about right. I am not that happy with the way my comic strip transitions look but then that's mainly down to my inconsistent drawing style from panel to panel. I can console myself that during the comic strip transitions the speech bubbles are voiced over by the cast, which means that I wrote some words that Faye Dunaway said in a film - should probably have asked for a script credit as well :)
Not a great surprise though to see that someone forgot to include me in the technical credits; for comic strips, storyboarding or concept art. Instead there's a huge department head style credit in the opening titles that just says 'Illustrations by', which is pretty impressive but also pretty meaningless to most people (even most illustrators) - this also means that I probably still can't qualify for an IMDB entry.

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