Sunday, 12 April 2009

Just a quick note....

Still bogged down in the storyboarding project that I can't talk about except to say that instead of a few scenes done in time for Cannes (mid May) it's now all the key scenes by July (which may sound like ages in hand drawn storyboarding terms but when you're doing it all in 3D it may as well be tomorrow teatime).
Small update on the prints front, had a few probs with uploading images in the last few weeks but have now managed to get a few of the most requested old (and new) Fortean Times illustrations online with all three printers so you can now order prints or cards or massive canvas thingies.

For Aus/NZ and other places downunderBuy art

For Us/Canada Buy my art at

For UK/EU (not much uploaded yet as it takes a few days for things to be approved and I get charged to upload images so it may be a while before some pix make it onto this site

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