Thursday, 5 March 2009

Quick update - too busy to chat...

Things are pretty hectic around here right now, as I've got a cover and two illos for the next issue of FT to sort out over the next week. I'm also expecting a ton of storyboarding work to turn up any minute as the Director and Producer of Flick have asked me to board out some scenes for their next project which they will be taking down to Cannes again this year. Once the script and shotlist arrives I expect to be chained to this desk until mid April.

In the meantime why not wander over to my mate Paul's website and support him in his attempt to hitch all the way from Newcastle to New Zealand in 30 days, using only twitter. At the time of writing he's 5 days in and on the tarmac at Schipol about to fly to JFK - you can even check his progress using google latitude. It's all in aid of the charity Water, who provide safe/potable water for people in the developing world. Go on sponsor him you tight gits, better than sponsoring those z list celebs who are walking up Kilimanjaro for comic relief - obviously nobody told them it's classed as gentle stroll and not the daring mountaineering ascent that they seem to be spinning it as.

Got to go get back to rendering flying snakes in the Wild West.

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cassia said...

brilliant to hear that no amount of credit crunching can slow the jaws of mr Alex T! Keep on slogging!