Saturday, 13 December 2008

Post cleanup fallout...

So after the cleanup comes the fallout.
The bad news is that for some reason one of my backup drives now seems dead. It worked fine last week and now refuses to turn on - it has all the comic strips and posters for Flick on it - I feel sick. I think 90% of the stuff on it is double backed up elsewhere but sods law states that something seriously vital was on it and nowhere else.
On the plus side, while I was cleaning everything up I came across a sketch I'd done years ago, in fact it was last century - god that makes me feel ancient. It's a view of Suilven (Sula Bheinn) in Sutherland - actually its a white house and some manky sheep with Suilven in the distance. I'd forgotten how much I liked it so decided to redo it in Painter. Quite chuffed with it overall so have decided to upload it to one of my on demand print galleries and see if it sells.

Prints for sale at Imagekind


Tomás Serrano said...

You have a wonderful blog, images and text. Fabulous!

Alex T said...

Cheers Tomas, really like your stuff, reminds me of Gary Larson.