Friday, 12 December 2008

Office cleanout defies the laws of physics!

Have spent the last couple of days cleaning out my office/studio/workroom/citadel of ultimate chaos, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on work while surrounded by creaking mountains of old books and the rustling of sheaves of papers covered in illegible scrawl. I realised that my workspace looked like the lair of some deranged psycho serial killer, and that I ought to have a bit of cleanup before the rustling papers started telling me to do bad things.

In the process I managed to fill the spare room entirely with junk; old PCs, huge manuals for software I no longer even have installed, CD racks (which only seem to effectively quadruple the amount of space each CD takes up), 4 bin bags of shredded paper scrawl, 10 years worth of National Geographic and two 6ft stacks of books that were bought as reference for odd illustration jobs that have never been needed since (eg canine anatomy), I even found an atlas with countries that no longer exist. You would think that jettisoning all this stuff would free up acres of new real estate in my office, but no. It would seem that the sum total of free space I have managed to reclaim is .... 8 inches of one bookshelf. How is this possible? Is there some sort of Tardis type effect going on in here? I was looking forward to basking in the warm glow of smugness that comes from sitting in a newly tidied office to get me through the next job, now I'll just have to resort to coffee and nicotine lozenges - again.


cassia said...

hahaha! I know this story so well. I am tempted to chuck out the entire contents of my room after each project, rationalising that it matters not that I may have needed some of the items again... I'd never have found them under all the other junk anyway.

I think what irritates me the most is that at each different unit of potential organisation, I manage to create chaos. In my room, there is random debris, under which is a computer. Inside the computer is random file debris. In each file is random saving photoshop debris. In each psd is 48 layers of complete old tat....Arg!

At least the cyclone of destruction I create means I have a valid excuse to avoid the washing up an extra day...

Alex T said...

'In each psd is 48 layers of complete old tat' Phew, thought it was just me.

I have realised that if I can't find something there's no point in keeping it, during the cleanout I found 3 copies of the same reference book stashed in different places. Doh!

I'm on the last leg of the cleanout where I'm down to one small pile of junk that is slowly moving around the room as I sort through the last few hiding places.