Friday, 14 November 2008

Some day my prints will come..

Got sick of being badgered for prints over the years and so have finally decided to try out a few online, on demand, printers to see how it all works. As a test I have uploaded my tribute to Airfix box art (and the Malta Gladiators) Valletta Victory (I know, had to come up with a title on the spot) to imagekind which I think is a division of cafepress in the US. Still looking for a European or even UK on demand printer as I hate the idea of having to pay import duty and most of the people who have asked for posters seem to be based in Belgium for some reason (I guess they're probably Belgians then).

The imagekind setup is very straighforward, you can set your own mark-up and receive payment via paypal which is great for lazy gits like me. As long as you upload an image which is large enough then shoppers can pick anything from a greetings card (not much call for 'sorry I shot you down in 1940' but you never know) right up to a massive stetched canvas giclee print. I'm currently too poor/tight to order a proof for myself so we have to wait and see what feedback - if any there is.
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Nathan Jelovich said...

Hey Alexander,

Saw your work on Imagekind and checked out your blog. Glad to have you part of the community.

Can't wait to see more of your illustrations.


Alex T said...

Cheers Nathan, than was quick I'd only just uploaded it :)