Monday, 10 November 2008

Jebus is reborn!

My Jebus illo (Jesus/Buddha), originally commissioned as a cover for FT (183 May 2004) has been reborn on the cover of KING OF TRAVELERS: JESUS' LOST YEARS IN INDIA by Edward T Martin. This is the book that inspired my best top Hollywood pal* Paul Davids' new film Jesus in India and has been reprinted at Lulu to coincide with the release of the film in the US.

* OK so 'best pal' is probably overstating things a bit but we do correspond from time to time, so there.


Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Alex,

Found you via Cass. Love your stuff - really strange and exciting. Great colour and use of light too.

I LOVE the way we can find each other these days, nomatter where we are working!

Alex T said...

Hi Lynn, that's odd was just ambling through your site earlier on (also via Cass). Also odd that I have an almost identical picture of myself with a snake taken 20 years ago when I lived in the jungle in Nepal. Although the snake is headless and about to be the first non ricey/lentily meal I'd had in 6 months.

You're right it's great that we can all keep in touch like this, it's just good to see what everyone else is up to and keeping busy. Helps with that feeling of isolation as well.

Really like your candid sketches of people on the train - so good to see good quality of line these days - I get the feeling that people seem to have forgotten what its all about and think that highly stylised work will hide weak drawing, I see so much style and so little substance in graduate work these days. That's quite enough moaning from me.