Monday, 24 November 2008

The first rule of pitch posters is...

You don't talk about pitch posters.
The second rule of pitch posters is... doh!.
Anyway the reason for lack of posts recently is that I've been tied up doing a pitch poster for a film that I can't tell you anything about unless and until the film ever gets released. Pitch posters are used in conjunction with the synopsis and sometimes even a script to sell the film concept to blokes with cigars and suitcases full of cash and are never meant to be seen by anyone who doesn't smoke cigars and carry around suitcases full of cash. They are meant to illustrate the feel of the film, give an idea of genre and generally get people excited and intrigued enough about the project to give the producer the suitcase full of cash. They rarely see the light of day because A) they are top secret until people have actually paid to see the film and B) because by the time the film actually comes out - assuming it even gets commissioned and then makes it out of development hell and onto the screen, they bare no resemblance to the finished film product. Anyway that's what I've been doing, nuff said.


cassia said...

hahaha... is this the equivalent of the illustration underworld that us children's illustrators hear none of in our fluffy pink bubbles? Do you have to draw in pitch black, blind folded with only a rabid rat for company?! I'm not sure if I hope this is true or not! The image in your previous post is mind-blowing, btw.

Alex T said...

Hmm now you come to mention it is rather dark in here, but then this is a corner office which means I have to have thick blackout blinds down all the time to keep the sun from reflecting off the screens. No rats, 1 very annoying cat. Yes, there really are a suprising amount of dodgy geezers with briefcases full of cash in the boot of their jags that want to make films. Luckily I don't have to deal with them as that's what producers are for.