Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Latest illo in the current issue of Fortean Times

The latest issue of Fortean Times (FT 242 November) is out now. I have a spread on pages 44-45, illustrating a feature on the kugelblitz, attempts by various countries to harness the phenomenon known as ball lightning for use as a weapon. Rush out and buy a copy now (or not, I don't get paid extra if they sell a gazillion extra copies this month).
BTW. For anyone interested in planes or 3d modelling. The aircraft is a B-47 Stratojet which I had to model from scratch in C4D. I had intended to just buy a readymade B-52, but none of the model libraries had anything quite right or cheap enough. In a moment of madness I stumped up for a model of the B-47 only to find when I downloaded it that it didn't really work close up. So I ended up out of pocket and had to do the whole thing from scratch myself. Serves me right for trying a shortcut.

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