Sunday, 26 October 2008

Here Comes The Sun (Boca Raton)

Once again The Boca Raton Sun has topped my unofficial 'clients who pay up quickly league table', by turning around an invoice (for re-use of the Popobawa; Batman of Zanzibar illo above) in just 18 days.
These Floridians may only work on a small 'supermarket tabloid' but they could teach some of the big companies a thing or two. Mentioning no names, but there's a Californian company who are currently on 102 days and counting.


cassia said...

oops. something weird just happened with my comment, so again...

I can't get over this one- the pallette and lighting are amazing. Thank you so much for finding me- I think I may become a regular loiterer on your site! :0)

Alex T said...

Hi Cassia,thanks for stopping by. I have to admit that with 3D illustration (like this image)lighting becomes the most important tool, it can completely change a 3d scene and getting it right often takes as long as making the models in the first place. I was quite pleased with this as a finished cover, then the art director got his hands on it, cropped it and changed all the colours to oranges, greens and pinks. Thats the problem with magazine covers though, they are prone to be chopped up and changed as the layout changes at the last minute, plus the publisher, editor and art director all have a say in how the finished thing should look. Curses, foiled again.